AS350 B3/H125 FFS Level D Certification

Safety and qualities have always been our top priorities, so this time we are even prouder to share with you our last accomplishment attained on October 17, 2019 from Coptersafety, the first Flight Simulation Training centre located in Helsinki, Finland.

Hoverfly is the first Italian helicopter operator and Approved Training Organisation (ATO) to obtain FFS (Full Flight Simulator) Level D Certification on AS350B3/H125, which represents a high technical level of flight simulator recreating all aircraft systems that are accessible from the flight deck and are critical to training.

Coptersafety is aimed at improving helicopter pilots’ safety performance through reliable, flexible and efficient mission-specific simulator training, enhancing safety by letting pilots practice any scenarios in any environment until standard operational procedures become second nature to them. The renowned institution has awarded two of our flight instructors with this Primary Certification after having them trained on a specific simulator able to offer immersive and realistic training thanks to features such as cockpit vibration, smoke generation, 3D clouds and night scenes. Consequently, should a situation emerge in real life, they will be well prepared and ready to act without hesitation.

It goes without saying that this adds a key element to Hoverfly’s commitment to improve the safety of its helicopter operations in order to make its pilots feel confident and motivated to accomplish their missions even in the most challenging situation and provide its clients with the highest possible safety and quality standards.


  1. christopher mulhall

    To Whom It may concern. I am a contractor for the UAE armed forces and chief pilot for a Fennec military unit. We operate the AS350 and AS550 and are looking to source the use of a simulator. The scope will be approximately 4-5 days per pilot ( 30/40 pilots per training cycle which may be annually dependant on cost) to include ground school of about 9 hours. Flying 9 hours with associated briefing and debriefing. The flying should cover day and night with instrument flying included. Emergency training to the ground is also essential. If you could please contact me with the correct person I need to liaise with that would be great. Many thanks Chris Mulhall

  2. Gs cheema

    Hi we are 3 pilots flying AS350B3 from India falling due for 3hrs simulator training. Approximate timing would be one slot in Jan next two slots in sep oct 2022. May i request you for quotes

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