It is with great pride that Hoverfly announces that it has successfully obtained the prestigious Approved Training Organisation Certificate (ATO) from ENAC in July 2019.

Thanks to this certificate, our company has earned the privilege to provide and conduct Part Flight Crew Licensing (FCL) training and renewal courses on AS350, EC130, AS355, AS365, AW109S and AW109SP. Further to this, we have also entered into agreement with the most important centres specialized in using Flight Simulation Training Device information systems.

Relying on the principles of top quality helicopter flight-training, comprehensive theoretical instruction and uncompromising safety in flight, this will be the first step towards the development of an actual Helicopter Flight Academy which will give the chance to fulfil one’s dream to obtain Private Helicopter Pilot´s License PPL-H, Commercial Helicopter Pilot´s License CPL-H, Instrumental Flight Rules License IFR or even the coveted Airline Transport Pilot´s License ATPL-H.

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