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Hoverfly Helicopters fly to Moto GP 2018

Hoverfly Helicopters fly to Mugello circuit

July 2nd & 3rd 2018, Hoverfly Helicopters in partnership with AerCopter, will fly to Mugello Circuit for Italian Moto GP. Transfer service’s reservation available on AerCopter website. All fans can reach the circuit quickly, avoiding traffic, on board of our helicopters from Florence, Pisa and Bologna. It’s a unique opportunity to see the best racers in the world. Visit

Action! Venice Film Festival is even more exclusive seen from above with Hoverfly

Helicopter tour in Venice Italy

Venice, you know, has an irresistible charm from any point of view. But these days the Laguna is even more attractive because it is transformed into the most important city of international cinema thanks to the Biennale, which this year reaches its 73rd edition. This is the last weekend to experience this event from a …

Inside, all the beauty of our helicopters. Outside, all the charm of Sicily

Fly over Sicily with Hoverfly Helicopter AS355N. Helicopter Flights

“On the sixth day God accomplished His work. And pleased with all the beauty He had created, He took the earth in His hands and kissed it… There, where He put His lips, that’s Sicily“. Words used by Renzo Barbera, famous Sicilian entrepreneur and  sports manager, to describe the beauty of his native region. Sicily, the southern tip of Italy, is …

The best, even on the press. Hoverfly is the first company with two different helicopters choosen by “HeliOps Magazine”.

The best, even on the press. Hoverfly is the first company with two different helicopters choosen by "HeliOps Magazine".

Uniqueness in comfort, uniqueness in flight, uniqueness even on the press. Also for 2016, Hoverfly is present on the “Global Recognition Chart” made by “HeliOps”, the main important magazine for everyone involved with or who has an interest in the global helycopter industry. The special news of this year is that Hoverfly is the first …

Easter and Easter Monday away from the usual places: the Hoverfly’s helicopter tours must be taken “on the fly”.

Helicopter charter in Italy.

“Christmas with your family, Easter with whomever you want” it’s not only an Italian proverb but a good suggestion for your holiday. There is no more appropriate time of the long Easter weekend for a trip out with the head “on the clouds”! The helicopters tour designed by Hoverfly are the best choice to spend …

Emotions safely: all the beauty of flying with Hoverfly’s helicopter.

Hoverfly executive helicopter services and Helicopter charter in Italy

Many people have flown at least once on an airliner, but the experience of flying in a helicopter is completely different, even more if it’s an Hoverfly’s helicopter. The sensations you feel are unique. Climbing aboard of an Hoverfly’s helicopter, you are immediately struck by luxurious interior and comfortable seating, thanks to a VIP soundproofed …