Inside, all the beauty of our helicopters. Outside, all the charm of Sicily

Fly over Sicily with Hoverfly Helicopter AS355N. Helicopter Flights

On the sixth day God accomplished His work. And pleased with all the beauty He had created, He took the earth in His hands and kissed it… There, where He put His lips, that’s Sicily“.

Words used by Renzo Barbera, famous Sicilian entrepreneur and  sports manager, to describe the beauty of his native region.

Sicily, the southern tip of Italy, is a region offering breathtaking views and landscapes from anywhere you look.

Do it in high altitude, though, is always more impressive, which is why the tour in Hoverfly helicopter on what is not only the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea but also the largest region of Italy, are increasingly in demand, in especially from people that love élite tourism.

Flying by helicopter already normally gives unique sensations. Then, if you get a chance to fly over places simply magical, the thrill of flight will add to the excitement of watching views, sides and shades of colors really hard to describe with words alone.


The Aeolian Islands, Etna, Taormina: from an Hoverfly’s helicopter Sicily is even more magical

Think at the Aeolian Archipelago: seven islands to which are added islets and rocky outcrops from the sea. Lipari, Stromboli, Panarea and all the others, with their curious arrangement in the shape of Y lying, are only the first wonder of the many that you can see from above, on board of our helicopters.

You can drown in fact, even the majesty of the Etna area with the famous volcano or Taormina, with the Greek Theatre, the overhanging on the deep blue sea and the golden coast of Giardini Naxos with his infinite colors.

Our helicopters, equipped with internal VIPs and soundproofed, can carry on this special tour up to eight people with luggage too.

To live with us this new way of doing tourism and discover Sicily from a new point of view, you just have to contact us . Takes off, flies, lands: with Hoverfly, of course!


  1. Emily

    I have a group of 38 people on Panarea and the seas are not allowing us to take our boat to the mainland. We would like to inquire about travel from Panarea to Milazzo and as quickly as possible. Would you be able to assist?
    Could you call or WhatsApp me at +1-415-515-7373 or call me at La Raya hotel.
    Thank you,

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