Emotions safely: all the beauty of flying with Hoverfly’s helicopter.

Hoverfly executive helicopter services and Helicopter charter in Italy

Many people have flown at least once on an airliner, but the experience of flying in a helicopter is completely different, even more if it’s an Hoverfly’s helicopter.

The sensations you feel are unique.

Climbing aboard of an Hoverfly’s helicopter, you are immediately struck by luxurious interior and comfortable seating, thanks to a VIP soundproofed configuration.

The true emotions come when you go up in altitude.

Just look out the window to realize this: the sight is incredible, like in a dream, immersed in the clouds and divided between the blue sky and the colors of stunning scenery.

Fast, convenient and secure.

The helicopter is one of the safest means of transport in the world. And Hoverfly, in particular, guarantee excellent quality standards because our company is authorized to transport passengers with AOC (Air Operator Certificate) and owns the fleet and Hoverfly Tech (Company Maintenance EASA Part 145), part of the company that guarantees the highest standards of maintenance. Safer than that!