Hoverfly Srl is pleased to introduce its partnership with Imago Artis Travel, one of the best Elite Destination Management Companies and Tour Operators in Italy.

Hoverfly Srl stands out as the leading transport solution provider in the helicopter sector and is growing faster than ever with an urgency to satisfy the needs of its trusty business and VIP clientele. On the other hand, Imago Artis Travel – founded in 2007 by a trio of art historians – is committed to designing exclusive and authentic tourism itineraries aimed at discovering the Italian cultural heritage, always following the highest quality standards and customizing the event to meet their guests’ requirements and expectations.

Sharing this common view, the two companies have recently joined their strengths to start cooperating in order to provide their clients with the best possible bespoke solutions to enjoy high-end travel experiences aimed at revealing the true essence of Italy.

Whether travelling for leisure or business, nothing will be left to chance thanks to the synergy of experienced and reliable professionals whose main aim is to let their customers enjoy the unmatched luxury of a private flight and travel experience.



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