Discover the best of Tuscany…and more!

The next touristic season is approaching and Hoverfly is continuously working in order to enrich its offer and provide its unique clientele with new possibilities to explore Italy’s hidden treasures from a privileged point of view.

This time, the place intended to complete the dense connection network already guaranteed by Hoverfly is the new operating base located in San Gimignano, one of the most iconic and representative locations all over Tuscany. Starting from April 2019, indeed, the operating bases of Serristori, Rome and Salerno will be joined by this heli surface conveniently immersed through the lush hills, thus multiplying the chances to reach the most stunning destinations in Italy.

Strategically located on Val d’Elsa hills and half way from Florence and Siena, San Gimignano medieval hamlet is one of the most desirable locations for those who love to indulge themselves with the Italy’s best food, wine and traditions.

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