“And the Oscar goes to…Hoverfly!”, a special point of view for professional photo and video.

Professional shooting: Perfect helicopters for perfect photo and video.

Do you like this picture? It was taken in Venice by Michel Verdure during the inauguration of the new Cruise Ship “Koningsdam”.

This picture it’s only an example of what is possible realize from above with our helicopters. Hoverfly, in fact, it’s not only an ideal choice for the transport of passengers but it’s also perfect for every video and photomaker that want realize air video and photo shooting. In this sense, Hoverfly it’s perfect for filmmakers, journalist, photographers, advertising agencies, event organizers.

Perfect helicopters for perfect photo and video.

Video and photo service in the recent years are often used by large and small companies to intrigue, surprise and promote its business in an innovative way. In addition, several of architectural design studios use the views from above to facilitate their work through this useful and versatile tool.

The single-engine and twin-engine helicopters in the fleet “Hoverfly” are perfectly equipped to ensure the performance of aerial shots of all kinds in total safety. It’s possible fly over residential areas, resume sporting events (cycling, motor racing, motorcycle racing, rally, sailing, etc.), recording commercials, films and documentaries. And it’s possible shooting service not only with a shoulder camera because we can install all the equipment certified for helicopter as Wescam, Cineflex and Camera Mount.

Contact us now to know all the details   about air photo and video service.

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