Wonder Woman: “I fly? Hoverfly!”

Helicopter Flight Services: Wonder Woman shooting with Hoverfly.

To fly like a superhero you need an authentic superhelicopter.

That is why even Wonder Woman, that so well knows what superpowers are, has choosen Hoverfly for his latest movie.

The new movie dedicated to the famous heroine of DC Comics is currently under construction and to shoot some of the most suggestive and exciting scenes, the Panalight Production has choosen Hoverfly for quality and reliability that guarantee in all types of aerial shots thanks to an helicopter fleet fully equipped to meet the complex needs of the crew.

The film, distributed by Warner Bros Pictures, will be made in 3D and IMAX 3D and will be released in theaters June 2, 2017.

“Wonderhelicopters” for wonderful aerial shooting.

Wonderful our helicopters! May be that don’t have superpowers but certainly guarantee “wonder” performance to shoot every movie scene at the highest level, both with hand-held camera and with advanced technological systems such as Camera Mount, Wescam and Cineflex.

These pictures are just an example of what you can achieve with a Hoverfly’s helicopter.

The single-engine and twin-engine helicopters of the fleet Hoverfly are perfectly equipped to ensure the performance of aerial shots of all kinds in total safety. With us it’s possible fly over residential areas, resume sporting events (cycling, motor racing, motorcycle racing, rally, sailing, etc.), recording commercials, films and documentaries.

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