Campania as you’ve never seen before: discover it with an helicopter’s tour by Hoverfly.

Helicopter charter in Italy. Helicopter's tour of Campania: go up the emotions.

The mild climate, the delicious food, the coast with breathtaking views and atmosphere filled with art, that smell of history. Campania has all this special things and observe it from above and then descend in altitude is the most suggestive way that you can choose to live this unique italian land.

Hoverfly knows this and it is not a coincidence that among our most requested tour helicopter there’s the ones dedicated to discover the authentic beauties of Campania.

Our tours are a great way to pass from a simple visit to a memorable occasion to live Campania.

Helicopter’s tour of Campania: go up the emotions.

Flying by helicopter is already an emotion but fly over Campania has a very unique flavor.

Thanks to Hoverfly you can admire all the poetry of the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento, circumnavigate the Vesuvius, fly over the excavations of Pompei and Ercolano, discover the most exclusive places of Capri and of the islands of the Bay of Naples.

Choosing Hoverfly to fly on the most beautiful places of Campania, you choose to get the best since you go on board. In the Hoverfly’s helicopter, in fact, you’ll be immediately struck by the interior luxury and comfort of the seats with VIP interiors and soundproofed.

Fly beyond imagination, fly really! Contact us to know all the tour  , to book and to live all the emotions of a special tour in helicopter branded Hoverfly.