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Choose your VIP Service
Our Mission

At Hoverfly, our mission is to offer our clients the opportunity to make their flight an experience tailored to their individual requirements. We aim to become a trusted partner for our clients, managing their travel arrangements for both holidays and business trips. Customer satisfaction is at the core of "Hoverfly," your private air service, and we strive to create value for the company and the regions where we operate.

With years of industry expertise in the helicopter charter market, Hoverfly has become an ideal advisor in air transportation. Our exclusive brokerage service selects the best operators and arranges every aspect of your flight. Choosing Hoverfly means finding the perfect solution for each flight request, ensured by a team of private aviation experts who select the best aircraft for your needs.

Hoverfly’s well-established know-how ensures personalized assistance, meticulously managing every detail of your journey, from your stay on board to intermediate transfers. We offer the flexibility to choose any national, international, or intercontinental destination and depart at any time. Our service is available 24/7.

Why choosing Hoverfly

Travelling by helicopter or chartering an aircraft with Hoverfly saves time and adds excitement to your journey, whether for business or holiday. With Hoverfly, you decide where and when to depart, using private landing pads or certified helipads to take off and land anywhere in the world. This flexibility ensures you reach your destination quickly, with prompt responses to your requests through our 24-hour assistance. Our strategic base locations throughout Italy and in-depth knowledge of suitable landing pads and certified helipads provide you with complete freedom of movement.

Hoverfly offers a meticulously maintained fleet, undergoing rigorous daily inspections to ensure efficiency and safety. Our team of qualified and experienced personnel adheres to all applicable flight regulations, providing you with a seamless and secure travel experience. Additionally, flying with Hoverfly is an exhilarating experience, offering breathtaking panoramas and picturesque scenes. Choose Hoverfly for a travel experience that combines convenience, safety, and the thrill of flight.

Our Services

The well-established expertise of Hoverfly’s staff ensures personalized assistance, meticulously managing every detail of your travel and monitoring all stages of your journey, from your stay on board to intermediate transfers. Hoverfly allows you to choose any national, international, or intercontinental destination and depart at any time, thanks to our 24-hour operational assistance.

Choosing Hoverfly for your transfers means flying with an operator that offers exclusive advantages and unique services. Our two-member crew, with a second pilot provided free of charge, enhances safety and professionalism. We use aircraft from leading national and international operators, carefully selected for various types of flights. Hoverfly also provides a dedicated team to handle all your travel arrangements, offering comprehensive assistance from the initial call to our operations or sales offices to your final destination, wherever it may be.

Experience the unparalleled service and reliability of Hoverfly for your air travel needs, combining safety, professionalism, and comprehensive support.

Flying Safely

Hoverfly ensures that every operator possesses a Regular Public Transport Licence and a valid Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC). We verify that the company holds all necessary insurances as required by regulations, including passenger liability coverage limits. Our helicopters undergo daily inspection checks conducted by ENAC-certified staff, ensuring they have all necessary qualifications and certifications. We guarantee that all pilots hold the licences required by Public Air Transportation Regulations. Additionally, we ensure that the carrier/operator has a diverse fleet capable of managing flights even under extraordinary circumstances.

Choose Hoverfly for a secure and reliable air travel experience, backed by stringent safety protocols and regulatory compliance.

Customer Experience

Hoverfly's driving force is to provide passengers with gratifying flight experiences tailored to their individual needs. You can customize your travel plan with a range of complimentary services, including preferential boarding, transfers between your residence and the airport, check-in assistance, on-board catering and entertainment, car rental, and many other innovative services.

All these services can be easily booked by phone or email, allowing you to enter the world of Hoverfly, where all your requirements will be met. Experience unparalleled convenience and personalized service with Hoverfly, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey every time.


At Hoverfly, we specialize in organizing private jet flights for both business and leisure, covering short and long distances. The fleet we chose allows customers to choose the perfect private jet from a wide range of aircraft, tailored to fit any route, flight purpose, number of passengers, and budget.

We pride ourselves on our ability to arrange flights in a short time, using tailor-made private jets to meet your specific needs. Beyond the flight itself, we offer a comprehensive suite of concierge services to enhance your travel experience. This includes securing necessary permits, handling customs paperwork, arranging ground transfers by car and providing VIP catering with an attentive flight attendant on board. Additionally, we offer complete VIP assistance at airports, including wheelchair services for those who need them.

By booking with Hoverfly, you enter a world where every detail is meticulously managed. Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional service, ensuring that your journey is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Experience the ultimate in private air travel with Hoverfly, where convenience, luxury, and personalized service come together to create an unforgettable flight experience.

Choose Hoverfly for your next trip and enjoy the freedom to fly whenever and wherever you desire, with the confidence that all your travel needs will be expertly handled. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, we guarantee a smooth and satisfying journey every time. Contact us by phone or email to start planning your bespoke travel experience today.

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