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About Us

• Flying with Hoverfly means choosing the best strategically located helicopter company, leader in the field of executive passenger transport in Italy and with the most diverse fleet. Our helicopters can comfortably accommodate up to 8 passengers with standard luggage size within maximum take-off weight limits.

• Hoverfly has single and twin-engine multi-crew helicopters which offer diversified services in terms of price flexibility and effectiveness in meeting customer needs. Our helicopters are fitted out with VIP interiors.

• Holding an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and Aerial Work Operator Certificate (COLA) and being a CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization) certified company, Hoverfly is able to manage both its own and third party aircraft, both technically and operationally. Our Contact Center is available 24 hours a day.

• Call +393460077470 or email us at (for the Gulf of Naples call +393485862830 or email at and our staff will take care of every detail of your journey (hotels, car transfers, luggage transport) from the place of departure to your final destination.

• The experience acquired over the years in the aviation field allows Hoverfly to offer its customers also a private jet charter service.

Perfect for Leisure and Business

Flying by helicopter helps you save time and adds excitement to your journey, whether you travel for business or leisure. No waiting, no traffic and no hassle. Helicopter hire is the ideal solution for those who need to be in different places on the same day or quickly reach locations hardly accessible in other ways.

Flying with Hoverfly gives you lots of benefits in terms of:
Safety - Thanks to daily, rigorous checks carried out by our EASA Part 145 Maintenance Staff, we grant the highest maintenance standards in line with current regulations.

Insurance Coverage - Hoverfly and its helicopters are covered by policies issued by the leading Insurance Companies well beyond the limits required by law. In case of particular needs, we can also grant specific coverage extensions.

Speed and comfort - Reach your destination in the shortest possible time and with maximum comfort. Thanks to our 24-hour service, the strategic position of our bases, the great versatility of our helicopters and our knowledge of all suitable take-off and landing areas, you can avoid standing in long lines waiting at the check-in desk and at the security controls. Whenever possible, we also provide board-to-board transfer service to your own private jet or fast track service for connecting flights.

Emotion - Try the thrill of flying by helicopter and you will enjoy the breathtaking views offered by our territory.

Bases and Routes

Hoverfly bases conveniently located throughout Italy allow to reach major cities and places of interest very quickly, thus offering a prompt solution to any flight request


6 INNSBRUCK           19 ASSISI
7 DAVOS                     20 SPLIT
9 CORTINA                 22 BASTIA
CAMPIGLIO                24 PESCARA
11 CERVINIA               25 PORTO CERVO
12 VENICE                  26 PONZA ISLAND
13 PORTOFINO          27 CAPRI
14 NICE                       28 CAGLIARI
16 CANNES                30 TAORMINA

Basi e destinazioni in italia

Our Services

  • Helitaxi

    Hoverfly offers an efficient, comfortable and flexible heli-taxi service. With Hoverfly the advantage is not just going anywhere anytime, but also enjoying the unmatched luxury of a private flight. Our pilots are at your complete disposal to satisfy any travel request, such as taking you to your favorite holiday resort with your family or friends.
    This service is particularly addressed to corporate professionals in search of fast and customized transport solutions to increase the productivity of their working day. Whether travelling to join an important meeting, attend an event or simply cover multiple locations in a single day, our helicopters offer them a stress free and exciting journey experience combining costs and performance and effectively solving all problems related to punctuality and distance.
    Thanks to our great range of take-off and landing areas, we provide tailored flight solutions that maximize time and money with no inconvenience.
    Hoverfly heli-taxi service, active 24h/24h for up to 8 passengers, is available in Northern, Centre and Southern Italy.  

  • Tours and Excursions

    With Hoverfly you will see Italy from a new “perspective” thanks to a series of organized tours specifically conceived for discovering the extraordinarily beautiful itineraries usually excluded from traditional tourist routes.
    The City Tours will fly you over breathtaking landscapes: the stunning Mediterranean coastline, the Gulf of Naples, Tuscany, the Lakes, the majestic Alps, etc.
    The Gourmet Tours will offer you an all-around experience made up of evocative views, visits of the most renowned wineries, tasting of fine wines and typical regional gastronomic delights. You will have the chance to walk the streets of ancient Chianti, of the Castles, of Brunello di Montalcino, Montepulciano, San Gimignano and many more. With Hoverfly you will be able to fly directly to the best resorts and spas located throughout the country

  • Helicopter Shooting

    Thanks to our diversified fleet, we can perform aerial shooting with single-engine and twin-engine helicopters which are ideal to fly over towns, shoot sports events (cycling, car racing, motorcycling, rally, yachting etc.), commercials and movies. Besides simple shoulder camera shooting, we offer the possibility to install on the helicopter all kind of equipment certified by EASA FORM 4, such as Wescam, Cineflex and Camera Mount.

  • Helisurface Design and Management 

    In order to maximize the functionality and exclusivity of helicopter transport, one of Hoverfly’s objectives is to increase and implement dedicated infrastructure, such as helipads and airfields, whose development contributes to enhance the quality and reliability of the Service provided. That’s why Hoverfly makes its professionalism and expertise available for the design and management of helipads and airfields, even those certified for night operations, providing the client with:
    • connection with the Civil Aviation Authority
    • support and advise on National and European Aviation Regulations
    • support in the identification and choice of suitable areas
    • preparation of all the documents necessary to obtain permission to use and, whenever requested, total management of certified infrastructures 

  • Maintenance

    Born from the need to ensure the efficiency of its fleet, Hoverfly is an EASA Part 145 and EASA Part M certified maintenance company able to perform basic maintenance operations and to manage the continuing airworthiness of aircrafts belonging to Airbus Helicopters’ family (formerly Eurocopter), Leonardo AW (formerly AgustaWestland) and Robinson. In order to maintain high standards of safety and professionalism, Hoverfly invests every day in advanced training programs for its technicians, in cutting-edge equipment and spare parts warehouse so as to be always at the forefront and in line with the requirements of relevant legislation.

Our Fleet

Hoverfly - Leonardo Helicopter A109S

Leonardo Helicopter A109S

• Twin-engine
• Max speed 160 kts = 309 km/h
• Range about 900 km
• Up to 6 passengers on board
• 2 pilots
• IFR instruments

Hoverfly - Airbus Helicopter AS365N2

Airbus Helicopter AS365N2

• Twin-engine
• Max speed 175 kts = 328 km/h
• Range about 800 km
• Up to 8 passengers on board
• 2 pilots
• IFR instruments  

Hoverfly - Airbus Helicopter AS355N

Airbus Helicopter AS355N

• Twin-engine
• Max speed 150 kts = 278 km/h
• Range about 750 km
• Up to 5 passengers on board
• 1 or 2 pilots
• IFR instruments

Hoverfly - Airbus Helicopter AS350B3

Airbus Helicopter AS350B3

• Single engine
• Max speed 150 kts = 279 km/h
• Range about 650 km
• Up to 5 passengers on board
• 1 pilot 
• VFR instruments

Hoverfly - Airbus Helicopter AS350B3

Airbus Helicopter EC130B4

• Single engine
• Max speed 155 kts = 287 km/h
• Range about 666 km
• Up to 6 passengers on board
• 1 pilot
• VFR instruments 

Hoverfly - Airbus Helicopter AS350B3

Leonardo Helicopter AW109SP

• Twin-engine
• Max speed 168 kts = 311 km/h
• Range about 859 km
• Up to 5 passengers on board
• 2 pilots
• IFR instruments

Hoverfly - Airbus Helicopter AS350B3

Leonardo Helicopter AW139

• Twin-engine
• Max speed 167 kts = 310 km/h
• Range about 1.061 km 573 nm
• Up to 10 passengers on board
• 2 pilots
• IFR instruments 


With its certified management system (CERTIQUALITY - Quality Assurance Institute No. 14743) Hoverfly ensures the quality of its services and is committed to:

• make customers and their needs a primary focus of its actions;
• act in full compliance with national, international and intercontinental laws and regulations;
• constantly monitor business processes through internal audits;
• improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Quality System;
• increase company know-how through human resource training programs and the use of advanced technologies;
• promote the involvement of all company staff in the perspective of a “Total Quality System“.

This kind of approach allows to control the connection between individual processes, as well as their combination and interaction, and to ensure the respect of Quality System standards and requirements. Only with the highest levels of quality you can enjoy an unforgettable flight experience on a private helicopter.


Every day we invest in our employees training and professional development as well as in the continuous update and enhancement of quality standards within the company

Hoverfly has developed, obtained and maintained over the years the following certifications:

• Air Operator Certificate IT.AOC.157/Air Operator Certificate IT.AOC.167
• Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation Approval Certificate IT.MG.0157/Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation Approval Certificate IT.MG.0167
• Aerial Work Operator Certificate I-105LA/Aerial Work Operator Certificate I-111LA
• UNI ISO 9001:2008 #14743 Certificate (Quality Management System)
• UNI ISO 14001:2004 #22732 Certificate (Environmental Management System)
• Maintenance Organisation Approval Certificate IT.145.0377


 Air Operator


Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization

AMO IT.145.0377

Approved Maintenance Organization


Approved Training Organization

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System