Mese: Settembre 2017

The best summer? It lives from above, by helicopter, with Hoverfly

Hoverfly helicopter tours in Italy. Book a helicopter ride

Stress, hot, work…stop all, it’s summer and you need holiday! Book a helicopter ride! Thanks to Hoverfly, to escape from everyday routine you can live an original experience even if you have only few days or a weekend. The helicopter tour branded Hoverfly, in fact, are extremely flexible: thanks to operating bases strategically located in …

The blue sky, the green nature, the red wine: the colors are more vivid view from an Hoverfly’s helicopter!

Wine tours Hoverfly: excellent paths.

An exciting flight over stunning scenery, a visit to renowned wineries, surrounded by nature, and a good glass of wine. What else to ask to a weekend of relaxation and pleasure? Nothing, just to live it on board of an Hoverfly’s helicopter. It is not a coincidence if our wine tours are proving so successful. …

“And the Oscar goes to…Hoverfly!”, a special point of view for professional photo and video.

Professional shooting: Perfect helicopters for perfect photo and video.

Do you like this picture? It was taken in Venice by Michel Verdure during the inauguration of the new Cruise Ship “Koningsdam”. This picture it’s only an example of what is possible realize from above with our helicopters. Hoverfly, in fact, it’s not only an ideal choice for the transport of passengers but it’s also …