Last updated: March 2024

These "terms & conditions" describe the conditions under which Hoverfly provides private helicopter flights to our customers (“Passengers”).
All flights are operated by Hoverfly - which holds an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and Aerial Work Operator Certificate (COLA) issued by ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority).


The flight booking is completed after perfecting following steps:

- book a flight in your selected slot time for a day and proceed with payment (credit card or bank wire);

- wait to be contacted by our operation office to choose your final departure time and the list of passengers with their ID documents;

- receive a booking confirmation mail by our Customer Care.

The departure day means the date on which the flight/s will be performed. The airport taxes and/or charges for helipads use could arise due possible fare upgrade. The passenger tax applied in accordance with Law n°44 of April 26 2012 is calculated on the basis of the actual number of passengers boarded. Possible changes of the amount of this tax will be adjusted subsequently The price excludes any minutes in excess of the estimated flight time and change of destination. 


Please follow the luggage policies reported on the booking flight page, extra luggage is subject to feasibility and an additional fee. If the number of additional luggage requires a second aircraft, the cost of the additional aircraft needed will be the sole responsibility of the Passenger. Please contact our Operation office for additional requests.


Disabled Persons and Persons with Reduced Mobility: flights are suitable for disabled persons or for persons with reduced mobility if they are able to sit in one of the seats of the aircraft with legs bent;

Passenger Weight Restrictions: helicopters have a maximum weight capacity as well as other restrictions that govern the balance of the aircraft and help to ensure the safety of all our Passengers. The weight limit is 109 kilograms per Passenger.


To minimize cancellations and delays due to reasons outside of Hoverfly's control, Hoverfly may suggest a different departure time due to bad weather conditions. Hoverfly will notify Passenger of the change, and if Passenger declines the change, Hoverfly will provide Passenger a refund in the form of Hoverfly Credits or Passenger may request to receive a cash refund.


- No show/Cancellation within 24 hours before departure we will charge the total amount;

- Cancellation between 24 and 72 hours before departure 75%;

- Cancellation between 72 and 7 days before departure 50%;

- Cancellation between 7 and 14 days before departure 30%;

- Cancellation after flight confirmation 10%.

Under the Captain's total right, will cancel the flight or replace the aircraft in the following cases:

- Due aircraft technical problems;

- Due bad weather conditions that could compromise the flight safety. It will be the captain's right to cancel the flight;

- Due air traffic controllers strike.

Hoverfly, in case of flight/s cancellation due force majeure cause or not imputable to Hoverfly, reserve the right to reimburse the amount paid.


In the context of the provision of the flights, Hoverfly collects and processes your personal data in accordance with GDPR (European Law about General Data Protection Regulation).