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Easter and Easter Monday away from the usual places: the Hoverfly’s helicopter tours must be taken “on the fly”.

Helicopter charter in Italy.

“Christmas with your family, Easter with whomever you want” it’s not only an Italian proverb but a good suggestion for your holiday. There is no more appropriate time of the long Easter weekend for a trip out with the head “on the clouds”! The helicopters tour designed by Hoverfly are the best choice to spend …

With the heart that beats faster and the head on the clouds: this is the emotion to fly with Hoverfly.

Helicopter Charter in Italy

Flying by helicopter is amazing, especially for those who have never had the opportunity to do it at least once. When the propellers start spinning and the elicopter begin to rise, the heart beats faster and the excitement of taking share, seeing the helicopter leave the ground, from the eyes goes straight to the heart, …

Our helicopters can takes you everywhere! Check out all the tour signed Hoverfly.

Hoverfly helicopter tours in Italy. Book a helicopter ride

Christmas time for parties, holidays…and gifts! If you want to do an original choice, choose to take advantage of one of our tours, designed to add at the pleasure of the flight the pleasure of an authentic relax. DESTINATION PLEASURE. With operating bases strategically located on the Italian territory and travel solutions customized, Hoverfly allow …