Business trips, meetings, incentive: deal done, with Hoverfly.

Business trips, meetings, incentive:Hoverfly

Moving in helicopter means not only moving free but enjoy a first-class service that in business makes the difference.

Hoverfly knows it and puts at the disposal of the companies, flexible and quality travel solutions, thanks to a first level helicopters fleet.

The helitaxi service of Hoverfly is dedicated to the principal business men to maximize the productivity of the working day, attend a meeting, visit a trade fairs or simply reach different companies on the same day.

From the wide surfaces of take-off and landing, you can personalize the journey optimizing time, money and avoid queues.

The helicopter taxi service is available h24 and allows to fly up to 8 passengers with luggage across north, central and southern Italy.

Moreover, to organize successful business meetings, Hoverfly provides one or more helicopters with capacity up to 8 people to add at the convenience of fast movements, the thrill of flying by helicopter over breathtaking scenery.

And for elegant coffee, lunch or dinner break, you can transfer a large number of people with more helicopters to reach directly the best Italian restaurants and winery of Montalcino, Montepulciano, Valpolicella and Valdobbiadene.

Deal done, with Hoverfly.

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