Quality and efficiency…at all temperatures!

Maintenance and security first of all!

When you are working too much is normal feel himself a little bit hot and powerless! And in the summer, with temperatures rise, the risk of suffering from the heat rises… this is true about people but even about the engine of the helicopters that should never exceed certain temperatures to maintain high performance levels.

Precisely for this reason Hoverfly, which has a top-class fleet of helicopters, analyse every aspect that might influence power and efficiency of their own means.

In this context it should read the recent analysis we have done in collaboration with the “Studio Castellucci” of Castiglione Fiorentino, an Italian company specialized in the design and renovation of energy-efficient buildings through the use of infrared technology.

Advanced detection instruments to ensure, always, maximum safety.

Thanks to the pilots who work at the Airfield Serristori of Castiglion Fiorentino, for one day the advanced detection methods used by the “Studio Castellucci” have been applied to one of our helicopters to perform a thermographic diagnosis. In particular, once the landing of the medium, has been analyzed the temperature of the motors and mechanical equipment to evaluate performance. This action it’s called “termovisive investigation” and consists in the analysis of the radiant flux of an object, an analysis that can provide very interesting information about the power of the medium and the way that the means distributes to spatial and temporal level heating.

This analysis, highly innovative, represents only a further element of control, constant and scrupulous, that we do on all our helicopters to ensure to our customers not only an uncomparable comfort but even the highest level of safety.

A further quality certification of the Hoverfly helicopter fleet.


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